PK Johnson Financial Services, LLC

PK Johnson Financial Services, LLC provides Financial Planning and Investment Advisory Services on matters involving securities and other financial services. Information and financial data are collected from the client to develop an action plan. Plans presented to our clients are based on their level of risk tolerance, goals, time horizon and the current economy. After reviewing clients' current financial circumstances, recommendations are made to provide a guide for striving towards their short- and long-term goals. 

Recommendations outlined in the plan may address the financial goals through an investment portfolio constructed for saving and/or investing, monthly income management and wealth accumulation. In some cases, it may include recommendations to manage risk of loss of life or the need for caregiver services later in life.

The services provided by the Financial Consultant, Phyllis Kirven Johnson can be based on commissions and/or investment advisory fee for a managed account based on investment portfolio financial vehicles. All financial vehicles and the amount saved and/or invested to fund the plan are provided to the client upon their request.

The type of investments vehicles provided that could be used to fund a plan are:

·       Investment Company securities: variable life, variable annuities, stock mutual funds and money market mutual funds

·       Traditional Life Insurance vehicles includes: term, whole and universal life

·       Index Annuities